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Coulrophobic-A fear of clowns.

According to statistics possibly made up for this trailer, one in seven people suffer from a fear of clowns. Our job as humans is to acknowledge that fear, nurture it, then use it to absolutely scare the shit out of these said people. Every time I venture out to my favorite place to hoard up on horror films, Zia Records, I use the knowledge that my GF is one of those coulrophobic people like any villain mastermind would and shove absolutely every movie with a clown on the cover in her face asking, “Want to watch this?”. It honestly never gets old.

CarnieVille (Pronounced Carn-E-VIL) is about a girl who witnessed her neighbor (?) get murdered by a psychopath clown as a child, forever developing a phobia of clowns. Taking a page straight out of the asshole handbook her friends decide to take her to the local Carnival, forcing her to face this fear. If things would have worked out as planned she’d have overcome this fear leaving the carnival with a hilariously oversized twisted balloon hat and some newer funnier friends, of course then there would be nothing to discuss and we’d have a whole other movie entirely.

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The above clip may suggest clowns are all fun loving, innocent jesters who exist strictly for our entertainment. Although I have no fear of clowns myself I do indeed understand where this phobia may stem from. You just want your child’s birthday party to be fun and memorable when this fat, harelipped, retard, unaware of his own strength shows up reeking of cheap whiskey, cigarettes and death, coughing disease into the face of your toddler, cursing each popped balloon animal because let’s face it, he’s no pro, this is the only job his probation officer could find him…I realize now that I’m way off subject. I’d apologize but it’s not like the filmmakers behind CarneVille are reading this, that only happened once. (Shoutout to Ben Rock, director of Alien Raiders follow him on twitter here)



Synopsis-When a coulrophobic (fear of clowns) college student has a severe clown-induced panic attack and almost dies from an overdose of anxiety medication, she decides to face her fears by going to a carnival with her friends, unaware that the murderous clown who caused her condition runs it and intends on killing everyone unless she can kill him first. 

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