Spotlight in the Dark [Feature] : Slaughterhouse (1987)

Spotlight in the Dark is a new feature here on where we highlight lesser known, underrated, under-appreciated films from the deepest, darkest corners of horror. Giving recommendations to these forgotten gems based on our interests in more well known films.

Today’s featured film.

SlaughterhouseDirected by Rick Roessler. Starring; Sherry Leigh, Don Barrett and Joe B. Barton.



Slaughterhouse’s intro starts like most 80′s films with two people, a cop and his girlfriend, driving out to the boonies for some shenanigans. They stumble across a group of teens who claim to be “Practicing for their horror film…”, and while most of the teens call it night and head home, two stay behind wandering into the old slaughterhouse for the first and last time. The girl playfully nudges her boy toy into the pig’s pen, which he takes a step further smacking a shovel against the gate causing pig hysteria. The man from the poster above then shows up out of the darkness and while snorting like a pig, hacks the two teens up with an enormous cleaver.

The killer in the film “Buddy” is a large imposing looking figure dressed in hillbilly chic who’s spent his life amongst the pigs and resorts to squealing like a pig instead of speaking. Most of the negative reviews I read about this film call it a cheap Texas Chainsaw Massacre rip off thus labeling Buddy Bacon (seriously, that name is awesome) a Leatherface knockoff. In my opinion, I don’t believe these were the filmmakers intentions at all. I’d say Buddy has the wit of a Kruger, the lumbering stature of a Voorhees and if I had to compare the man to Leatherface I’d say they may have had a similar home life, but that’s where it stops.

Lester Bacon, Buddy’s father, is also the owner of a slaughterhouse that’s being foreclosed on. Tom Sanford, a local businessman is trying to purchase Lester’s old slaughterhouse, with the help of lawyer Harold Murdock. Sheriff Borden accompanies the men to Lester’s for negotiations and when they fall through he let’s Lester know he has 30 Days to vacate the property. Thus explaining the plot for revenge, leading to the murders.

Lizzy Borden (Nice reference), daughter of Sheriff Borden, scouts the Slaughterhouse for the horror movie she’s shooting. When the “Pig Out” party they were at shuts down from power outages caused by the storm, Lizzy’s friends dare her to spend an hour alone in the slaughterhouse. Up to this point in the film the gore effects have been pretty sub par, but  there are a few effects near the end of the film I’d deem worth the price of admission alone.

I’m usually not one to enjoy slasher films, and I would say I have a limit on how much cheesiness I can handle, but I think this movie had just the right balance of both elements making it a very entertaining watch. Sadly the film never earned a large enough following to become a series or at least earn itself a sequel, meaning this…

…..never happened.

The DVD itself, although accompanied by low quality cover art, is  loaded with extra features. So bravo to whoever was behind the release of this. It claims to be part of some “Lucky 13 Cult Collectibles” series, but I couldn’t find any evidence that the series still exists.

You’ll probably like Slaughterhouse if you liked these films…

















Anyway, here at we like to give back to those who support us so with that being said, the first and last person (based on Pacific standard time) to comment on this post today will earn themselves a copy of Slaughterhouse. Good Luck.

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