The Cabin in the Woods: Trailer

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The Evil Dead meets…Truman show? That’s what it looked like upon my first viewing. The summer’s first hype driven horror film shows a group of teens heading into the woods, with a little direction from the stereo-typical hillbilly gas station attendant who heeds an all too familiar warning, “I can get you there, getting back, that’s your concern.” Arriving at the remote location in the woods the horror buff of the group is revealed. He expresses concern that “something isn’t right” which of course goes ignored by the group of kids you can’t help but wonder how he became friends with in the first place. As the body count rises the dramatic editing and music take their cue. I couldn’t help but try and guess at the plot twist but all I could come up with was a “The Village” / “Cube” hybrid. I may just wait for the opening weeked water to settle before making a rare visit to the cinema.



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  1. A truly amazing and innovative horror film. See it…yesterday.

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